offers the precious wealth of authenticity



Founded in 1992, Origines stands out as the leading French provider of period materials and architectural antiques. Origines scours the land to find that rare piece you've been dreaming about and antique objets polished by time.

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Antique fireplaces

From the 15th to the 20th century
Samuel Roger, leader in the sale of ancient materials since 28 yeras, offers in his exhibition hall in Richebourg a large choice of more than two hundred ancient fireplaces, from the Gothic period, the Renaissance, during the reigns of Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, from the Empire, Restoration and Napoleon III periods without forgetting Art Nouveau and Art deco pieces. All the materials can be discovered, Bourgogne stone, Charente stone, marbled stone and various marbles such as statuary white, marble from Carrare, Red Griotte, Brèche d’Alep or Sarrancolin…
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Sculpture & Ornament

From the 15th to the 20th century
Like as in a museum, time seems to have stopped still enabling objects to remain intact: basins, fountains, bowls, tables and garden benches, statues, panelling, lustres, vases and ornamental vases all enhance a place’s beauty. Balustrades, entrance steps and park entrances which can be traced back to the Gothic period of the XIX century.
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Fireplace accessories

From the 15th to the 20th century
Works of Master craftsmen, Journeymen, Craftsmen and Casters, the grilles, marquises, fireplace plaques, banisters, balusters and other ironwork elements reflect the excellence of a mastered know-how; but always valued by a significant and discerning public.
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Flooring materials

From the 15th to the 20th century
Floors of long ago, polished by the passage of time, in oak, marble or in terracotta, the most recent are a hundred years old. ORIGINES - Samuel Roger offers a comprehensive selection of ancient tilings (Abbaye in Bourgogne or Charente stone, Bar de Provence laid in strips or opus…), terracotta flooring (tiles, hexagonal floor tiles, rectangular tiling…) and a large range of parquets (Louis XIII wide strips, Versailles parquet). So many ancestral floors for majestic interiors.

Origines offers the precious wealth of authenticity

It gives news life to witnesses of the past.
It seeks out and finds rarity, dreams.
It conserves and restores history and past eras.
It preserves and uses as models that unique heritage, those works of art, those old objects, those noble materials.
The old travels across time and the world.
A new life, a new place, to host the passion for those stone or wooden chimneys, those floors of a thousand charms, those garden ornaments, those decorative objects, those remakes or those old models.

Samuel Roger

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