Flooring materials
From the 15th to 20th century

STRIP 21th C. | WOOD

Ref. : S215
Period : 21th C.
Material : WOOD
Type : STRIP
Depth In : 0.5
Certificate : Export certificate not required

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PATIO - Wide antique finished oakwood planking. 5 1/8 to 7 7/8 in. wide, length of strip 86.6 in., 0.5 in. thick. Finish : Medium gray oak.
Its installation is easy to do and is done by fixing the « allignments » : traditional fitting through nailing onto the joists. The ageing process, which gives it a very beautiful polished appearance, means that it does not have to be treated once it has been laid, but it can be polished or varnished if you so desire.

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