Flooring materials
From the 15th to 20th century


Ref. : S074B
Period : 21th C.
Material : STONE
Base In : Widths : 12, 16 and 19 1/2 in
Depth In : 3/4 in
Certificate : Export certificate not required
Price : 160,00 €

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S074B - MANOIR - paving made from aged Lot stone and shaded in light beige to glowing brown. Reedition.
Placed in strips, reminiscent of the saintongeais floors which appeared at the end of the 15th century (Width : 12 in, 16 in, 19 1/2 in - various lengths - Thickness : 3/4 in). The paving is easy to work with and is put in place using a simple mixture composed of sand and lime with small or larger joints. Its natural plastic qualities ensure its excellent external appearance, without any specific maintenance needed. The passage of time will help give this paving an unequalled lustre.

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