Flooring materials
From the 15th to 20th century

STRIP 21th C. | WOOD

Ref. : S151
Period : 21th C.
Material : WOOD
Type : STRIP
Base In : 8 3/4 to 11 in.
Depth In : 7/8 in
Certificate : Export certificate not required
Price : 235,00 €

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Louis XIV : Wide antiqued oakwood planking. Blades provides in assortment of three widths: 8.6 , 10.2 and 11.8 in. ; Thickness of 7/8 in. ; Variable lengths from 78 ¾ to 118 ¼ in., of an authentic clear oak shade. Its laying is easy and is assembled with grooves and tabs : tacking according to French Standard (DTU 511) and glueing according to French Standard (DTU 512). Its finish gives it a naturally old beautiful appearance, polishing is advisable with a clear STARLON polish. We recommend STARWAX products, used in our exhibition rooms.

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